Book Review – ‘Ali ibne Abi Talib on Leadership and Good Governance’


–  Hassan Abbas and Benish Zahra Hassan. ‘Ali ibne Abi Talib on Leadership and Good Governance’ . Outskirts Press. 2012.

This book presents a comprehensive overview of the diverse and sagacious teachings of Ali Ibne Abi Talib. One of the most prominent figures in Islamic history,  Ali is the first Shia Imam and the fourth among the leaders who are revered as the Khalifa Rashidun in Islamic history. In the past, as has been discussed elsewhere on this blog,  the history of  Ali’s life has mostly come to be designated as Shia history and consequently the universal lessons that it affords for future generations have been constricted to a particular religious sphere. This book is also a contribution towards the increasing efforts to bring  such a discussion into mainstream intellectual conversation. In this sense it presents Ali’s teachings as being universally applicable in all socials, political or cultural contexts. Continue reading