Symbolism of the Tawaf at Kaabah


Image result for makkah tawaf 2017“The tawaf simulates the angels that circumambulate around the divine throne. Angels are immaterial beings that feed on the reality of four truths and having and carrying such realities, they possess their respective angelic duties both in this realm and the Hereafter.

Those four truths are:
1. Subhanallah (Allah is free from all deficiences)
2. Alhamdulillah (All praises are His)
3. La ilaaha illallah (There is no deity but Him)
4. Allahu Akbar (God is Great)

These four are the four pillars of the celestial manifestation of the Kabah (bayt al-ma’mur) and that’s what the Kabahs four sides represent. Once we incorporate these truths within us after attaining to the state of ihraam, spiritual life will be granted to us. By whom? By Allah through archangel Mikaa’eel. And that’s why in traditions we read that Bayt al-Ma’mur is Mikaa’eel.

Once this life is granted, now one can understand certain narrations that speak of the circumambulating pilgrims having the (angelic) power to seek forgiveness for oneself and for others (i.e. anyone you were acquainted with and were in contact with). Think about it. This is no arbitrary forgiveness. One has entered the angelic and celestial sacred framework of cause and effect.”

“In order to reach God (absolute perfection), one must become annihilated in Him and for this to be feasible, one preliminary step is that of eliminating the ego. Attention to one’s self is tantamount to being distanced from Him. To become aware of our unity with God, one must slaughter the ego. The heart is the mirror and locus through which attributes of perfection reflect. However, it needs polishing and refining.


-An excerpt from Dr Farrokh Sekaleshfar’s Lecture “Hajj: The Inner (Batini) Journey”.

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