The Other Saudis: Shiism, Dissent and Sectarianism


‘Phenomenology of the Islamic Prayer’


Attended this wonderful lecture at Columbia recently.  Was able to attend only the morning sessions, always a pleasure to go back and listen to these wonderful scholars. The section that really stood out for me (mostly because it resonated with my own academic concerns) was the Second Panel with Dr. Charfi and Professor Dabashi which sought to differentiate between the ritual act of prayer and the spiritual experience of praying. While I have been familiar with such a notion which upholds all juridical theology as being a dialectical response to the sociology of religion being  an underlying theme in Professor Dabashi’s work , Dr Charfi’s work also underlined similar intellectual anxieties. Continue reading

Shi’ism @ Columbia

Looking forward to this upcoming panel discussion at Columbia University. Will be moderated by my former professor Najam Haider…should be interesting. Those who are in New York and can take the time out should come, since good discussion on Shi’ism in the social context in South Asia is difficult to come by.